The Fabulous Woman Mentoring Program with Trish M

In this mentoring program, you will get specific strategies in a 5 week time period on how to hear God clearly so that you can obtain the breakthrough that you need to be the fearless, confident, curse-breaking,  FABULOUS and "never going back to foolishness" kind of woman that you desire to be!

This mentoring program with Trish M is going to take you to another level in being the woman that God has called you to be. Get ready for 5 phenomenal weeks of virtual trainings that you can take from the comfort of your own home. You'll get 1 class a week, for 5 weeks straight that will include:


  • Module 1: The "I Hear God Clearly" Woman
  • Module 2: The Breakthrough Woman
  • Module 3: The Fearless Woman
  • Module 4: The "Manifest Your Dreams" Woman
  • Module 5: The Confident & Classy Woman

Plus, get 2 bonuses from Trish M that will change your life:

* Bonus 1- The Curse-Breaking Woman

* Bonus 2- The "Fabulous & Never Going Back" Woman


This mentoring program is LOADED! If you are ready to take your life to a whole new level, then don't sit down on getting mentored by Trish M! IJS! This mentoring program has your name written all over it! Get registered today!


Exceptional courses


Bonus Courses Included

Hundreds of Lives Changed

by mentoring with Trish M

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WEEK 1- The "I Hear God Clearly" Woman
Get Strategies on Hearing God Clearer 
Trish M will show you how to tap into the spirit so that you can hear God with clarity on what to do NEXT in your life. 

Get strategies on how to breakthrough in the next phase of what God has for you.

Trish M gives you strategy on how to be FREE from what's holding you back so you can tap into the newness that God has for you. 

WEEK 3- The Fearless Woman
Coming out of breakthrough, it's now time to face fears.
After getting strategies on how to BREAKTHROUGH, it's now time to face fears! That's right...stare fears, insecurities, doubts....all of it....stare it in the face without backing down so that you can overcome EVERY fear that tried to overcome you!

WEEK 4- The "Manifest Your Dreams" Woman
Get Strategies on how to manifest your dreams
Trish M will teach you how to attract your desires in this season of your life. She will give you biblical strategies on how to manifest the things you're believing God for in this NOW season.

WEEK 5- The Confident & Classy Woman
Get empowered on how to be confident & classy no matter what.

Build your confidence like never before to get ALL that God has for you! Trish M gives you strategy on how to look and feel good from the inside out no matter what life brings. She's throwing a fashion bonus into this segment. It's going to be FABULOUS!

The Curse-Breaking Woman | The Fabulous and "Never Going Back Woman" | Plus Join the Circle of Fabulous Women Private FB Group
This bonus segment is LOADED!!! This training is the icing on the cake of the 5 week training Trish M gives. The bonus itself will blow your mind. Give ready to ROCK next level FABULOSITY with this mentoring program. 

Hi! I'm Trish M! I'm ready to mentor you to another dimension of being  FABULOUS! Are you ready?

One thing that I know about you... YOU ARE FABULOUS! There's a level of fabulosity that you haven't tapped into though. That's why I'm here. I want to pull the absolute BEST out of you. You know why?  Because I know there's more! There's always more! You just have to make sure you have a mentor pulling it out of you. I want to be just that!

Join my 5 week mentoring program where I take you to another level of being the absolute BEST version of YOU that you can possibly be. It's me and you and other fabulous women from around the world! Are you ready? Now is the time. Let's stop settling. God has so much more waiting for us. Let's do this!

See what others are saying about Trish M....

Dr. Maranda Griffin- Motivational Speaker

Every time I’ve had the privilege of hearing Trish M speak, I’ve been encouraged and empowered to maximize the moment I’m in. She provides information in such a way that you can pick up and run with it. Providing and implementing her strategies are a sure method to meet success. She walks the talk as an example of how to market yourself in multiple platforms and excel while you’re doing it!

Deshauna Jones- The Breakthrough Strategist

“Trish M helped me to become laser focused on what it was I needed to do in order to achieve my dream of becoming an international motivational speaker. It was her belief in me that pushed me to pursue my dreams. I applied the direction that she shared with me, and since then, I have launched the “You Are Beautiful Movement”, and became the CEO of “BeYou Institute LLC”. Trish definitely has what it takes to pull out all of the “fabulousness” that’s locked on the inside of you! Trish M will definitely help you pursue your dreams like never before. She will help you start your business or even take your current business to that next level. She did that with me, and she can certainly do it for you! My BeYou Institute is growing every single day. Trish has been an extreme help with that. Don’t miss out on partnering with this fabulous lady! She will certainly help you pursue your dreams and live your best life NOW!”

Rhonda Brown-Massey- Mass Elevation Training

“You have to see it before you see it." That’s one of the most profound things that Trish said to me upon me asking her to be my mentor. Trish encouraged me to take my desires for my own business seriously so that others could take me seriously. Today I am co-owner and CEO of Mass Elevation Training. Within 8 months of being in business, I now have over 100 virtual clients and 20 personal training clients that I train every week. In 8 months of operation, our company has made over $18K working on a part time basis. If she helped me, she can help you! Trish is definitely the right person to help your dreams become a reality!

Zenovia Andrews – MaxOut with Zenovia

“Prophetess Trish Morrissette is one of the premier voices in Christendom today. She teaches profoundly, preaches prolifically, ministers prophetically, yet lives authentically. She brings a powerful Spirit-filled message that causes a deep desire to go higher in the Lord. No woman that sits under her teaching and preaching of the Word of God can remain the same. Some will be healed, some will be delivered, some will be empowered, some will be challenged, some will refuse to settle for average, but all will be better for the impartation. Her prophetic ministry has been confirmed and come to pass in many lives”.

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